Solo exhibition
Bežigrad Gallery 1, Ljubljana, Slovenia

22. 11. – 24. 12. 2017
Curator: Miloš Bašin

Order, harmony and beauty are the leitmotifs of her creations. And this will always be the case.
Art historians have often predicted the collapse of fine art. But Tina Konec is breathing new life into its latest incarnation, which is based on knowledge, wisdom and an awareness of its fundamental values. She isn’t recreating the shapes you may see when looking into tree crowns. She is instead creating shapes which are similar, but are reminiscent of her perception of natural beauty so we can observe them again – but from a fresh perspective. The result are highly aesthetic works of art, created with nothing but pencils. In our new century.
Miloš Bašin

From the media:
Sodobna umetnost (in slovene)