Group exhibition (Tina Konec, Agate Lielpetere, Sara Rman)
Extended Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)

7. 10. – 5. 11. 2021
Curator: Teja Kosi
Organization: Creative Centre Poligon

While the time of the global pandemic threw the world of its axle and transformed the familiar everyday life, leading to increased violence towards and sacrificing of women, the current »disaster patriarchy” continues to use the crisis as a means to re-establish control, dominance and the erasure of the hard-won women’s rights. In spite of this patriarchal machine, powered by the current crisis, a diagnosis has long since been established through statistics: within the field of the arts, only 11,2% of all the recipients of the prestigious Prešeren awards have been women, with 82,5% of them working on the stage or in front of a camera. It was the consideration of personal stories and positions of female visual artists from the youngest, post-transition generation – born in the 1990ies, which has also been hit hardest by the general precarization of life, that served as a starting point for the group exhibition “The Glass Ceiling”.
Teja Kosi

Exhibition feature:
Magazine Outsider (in Slovene)