Group exhibition

Gallery Kos, Skyscraper Passageway, Ljubljana, Slovenia (25. 9. – 15. 12. 2020)
Maribor Art Gallery, online (2. 4. – 2. 7. 2021)

The exhibition presents the works of 31 leading artists of all generations, who work in our local space, emanating or escaping from it into the international (art) world. The starting point of the exhibition is a series of graphics (more precisely: graphic sheets) from the end of the 19th century, which show reproductions of well-known works of art. At the time of its creation, the graphic folder served as a transmitter of knowledge, as an interface between home and abroad. Today, in this apocalyptic year of 2020, selected artists have arbitrarily intervened in each individual graphic sheet. A group exhibition without a central theme is an ad hoc response to this intermediate, strangely unpredictable-unmanageable time, when we were all together, but each for ourselves (at home and abroad), and when visual art lived primarily virtually.
Hana Ostan Ožbolt, curator