Group exhibition (Nika Erjavec, Tina Konec, Tea Kralj, Tilyen Mucik)
Curator: Miha Colner

Gallery Božidar Jakac, Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia
9. 4. – 19. 6. 2022

Even though numerous civilisations have, during the course of history, managed to establish an apparent division between wild nature and man-made culture, the mentioned distinction is today viewed as forced and skilled. However, nature has always represented an inspiration for culture and art, as these have always summarised its forms, structures and manner of operation. /…/ In her large format drawings, Tina Konec focuses on subtly depicting natural phenomena, which are a part of her everyday experience. The amorphic compositions in her works summarise the irregularities and non-symmetricalness of organic forms, which can be reflected on various levels of the viewer’s perception. In her drawings, the artis depicts actual or imaginary shadows, treetops, and branches, which are so strongly stylised they function as silhouettes. Fragments of plants drawn in great detail remain trapped in the apparent non-space, regardless of the mimetics, even though they are limited by the edge by the drawing. However, they still appear to coil towards their eternal goal – the source of light. Although the artist clings to the most elemental motif in the human’s immediate surroundings, her works are almost dream-like in their appearance, for they present nature outside of the rational frames of perception. The depicted vegetation can become symbolic images of life as such, for vegetation is unconditionally one of the key elements of the human universe.
Miha Colner, curator